Seattle Local Search Optimization: The New Google Maps


Tactics for Local Search Optimization:


1. Enriching your local listings with photo assets is also an increasingly important tactic. You can add up to ten photos in the Google Places dashboard as well as add photos to your Google+ Local page. Having more photos in the Maps landscape will take advantage of the fact that Google is emphasizing a visual format in favor of a textual one. With more quality photos it is likely that you will be more appealing to potential customers.


2. Encourage your customers to leave you positive reviews. There are a number of ways to encourage your customers to leave reviews: e-mail them, allow reviews on your website, contact customers by phone, or encourage them to leave reviews in your place of business. There’s no need to offer incentives as a number of customers are willing to do this for free. Be timely and make it easy for customers.


3. Think ahead and establish your business on Google+. While there may not be a widespread usage of this platform yet, Google will continue to encourage people to use it. Maintaining a presence here may increase your visibility over time.


4. Claim your listing across all platforms. This will give you more authority with Google, Yahoo, or Bing and signal that your listing is active and accurate.


5. Continue to optimize your listings to increase ranking in Google maps. By conducting keyphrase research, standardizing your Name, Address, and Phone information, optimizing your local landing page content, and submitting your standardized data to top directories, you will create more local citations for your business. This will enhance your relevance for the search terms that you have deemed to be most profitable in your keyphrase research.



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Seattle Local Search Optimization: The New Google Maps